EconomyBed unit ozone disinfection
Detailed description

Hospital: beds bedding, clothing, pillows, medical surgery, mattresses and indoor air disinfection
Technical parameters
     ● Power supply: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
     ● concentration of ozone output:> 1963 mg/m3
     ● Ozone Environmental amount of leakage ≤ 0.02 mg / m3
     ● Timer: Adjustable
     ● Noise ≤ 46dB (A)
     ● disinfection procedures: charge of ozone - disinfection to maintain - ozone reduction
     ● kill microorganisms Type: intestinal bacteria, pyogenic bacteria, pathogenic yeasts, bacteria common hospital infection
Product Features
     ● elegant appearance, easy to move
     ● Special stainless steel ceramic ozone generator, ozone generator capacity, high concentrations and long service life
     ● effectively kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, propagules kill rate of 99.9%
     ● effectively remove all odors, such as taste, musty smell of blood, smell, etc.
     ● regular disinfection of mattresses, bedding will have a variety of parasites appear
     ● disinfection process of computer-controlled, manual control mode, any set time, the operation simple and convenient
     ● Chinese operation display panel, disinfection procedures set has a memory, reset function
     ● It can also be disinfected on two beds
     ● automatic fault detection, alarm function
     ● Emergency disinfection of indoor air function, special circumstances rapid disinfection of indoor air