The company is located in Jiangsu provincial economic development zone - Yancheng (salt) District, covering over 25,000 square meters, construction area of ??over 18,500 square meters, the company was founded in 2005 with registered capital of 15.86 million yuan, is the Yancheng City government in 2005 focus on the introduction of high-tech projects. Company's existing senior title 36, employees 259 people, mainly engaged in the plasma disinfection, sterilization equipment, research and development, production and sales.
Since 2000, the Company jointly Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other well-known experts, in-depth research at home and abroad on the basis of disinfection industry status quo, to determine the "kinetic plasma sterilization, sterilization parameters and bacterial spores on plasma resistance "as the direction of the subject, the digestion and absorption of the world's most advanced plasma sterilization technology, after years of hard work and the successful production of" Honeysuckle brand HTSG series plasma air disinfection and purification machines of the products come out, on behalf of our country technological revolution in the field of air disinfection.
The products in the Chinese Center for Disease Control authoritative testing, the air Staphylococcus degradation rate of 99.95%, the degradation of natural bacteria was 93.2%; ozone residual amount 0.006mg/m3; in the air can be more than 0.3μm Particulate matter elimination rate of 95 percent, while formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, ammonia and other toxic and harmful gases with good degradation. Purifying effect of laminar flow clean room 10000 standards. Is the current international and domestic high-end air disinfection, purification products.
This product has a highly effective broad spectrum sterilization, free supplies, long life, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent control advantages compared to similar products price is very favorable, widely used in hospitals Class Ⅱ environment, blood banks, laboratories, food shop, public places , conference room, family room air disinfection and purification.
The companies adhering to the "technology that product vitality and quality of life that products, services, ensure that the market" concept, and strive in product development and design, raw material procurement, product quality control, service and other aspects of doing better and better.
The Company plasma air disinfection and purification machine series products, is now used in many well-known three hospitals and a large number of two, three hospitals, a number of large-scale food production enterprises, a number of airports, railway stations, public places and certain units family. And has been in the country to establish a broad and efficient after-sales service network to ensure that every customer can receive timely, comprehensive service.