Honeysuckle brand plasma air disinfection and purification machine operating principle

Plasma sterilization technology in the United States began in the 1960s, nineties the lead organization in the implementation of the U.S. National Laboratories "plasma technology applications in environmental governance." Now, plasma disinfection and purification technologies and disposal of hazardous waste technology, is internationally recognized as the "21st Century one of four technical environmental science." Institute of Plasma Research, Institute of Plasma as China's most authoritative institutions, and the company has many years of experience working closely. Now we have paid off, the grand launch of honeysuckle brand plasma air disinfection and purification machines.
Plasma sterilization mechanism
Plasma air disinfection and purification technology is a set of physics, chemistry, biology and the environment can be continued at one of the new technologies. Plasma, also known as the fourth state of material existence, which is some neutral gas molecules in a strong electromagnetic field, generate electricity and the formation of a continuous positive and negative ions and neutral particles in aggregates. In this assembly, the total number of positive charges and the total number of negative charges are equal in value, so called plasma. Its bactericidal mechanism is reflected in:
First, the effect of the penetration speed of the plasma particles negatively charged electron repulsion bacteria more close to the positive ions, so that it is surrounded by positive ion impregnation, a sufficient number of positive ions through the porous wall, soaked damage to the cell membrane, destruction of cellular dielectric, leading to cell death.
Second, the electric field effect on the bacterial cell membrane when the potential difference reaches a certain value, because a thin membrane, the membrane easy to achieve a high field strength value, the membrane would have been the destruction of high field strength.
Third, the chemical reactions in the plasma contains a large number of active oxygen, free energy group other active substances, they can easily microorganisms of proteins and RNA chemical reaction, leading to microbial death.
Fourth, the UV light during the formation of the plasma, the plasma inside the electrode will release a large number of C-wave ultraviolet radiation, and its co kill bacteria and viruses.